Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolute's

Once again it is that time of year to "try" to make a resolution that you will not break within 2 weeks. This year I am going for the very broad ones. In other words - I want resolutions that will actually make a difference in my life and those around me.

Be more polite to those around me.
I tend to be a very "bitchy" person - those of you who have worked with me know this as a fact, almost a law of nature. I have mellowed a lot since I have gone agency nursing. My former co-workers would have a major coronary to see me so nice to people in general, smile as much as I do & actually bend rules (i.e. let family members in anytime - yes that used to be a cardinal sin). But now that I am agency - the stress of a staff position is no longer there & I do not have to deal with the politics of therefore being a staff member. I now love what I do more than ever.

I want to extend this basic human friendliness onto others - mainly my family. I've posted this before but with my family I want to be like Mother Bear. Anything that could go wrong - she maintains total control of herself. I am by nature - a yeller. That needs to stop. It really has no effect on my kids anyways - they look at me like I'm weird.

I plan on saying "hello", "thank you", "Have a great day" to total strangers. They give that look like you are on crack or something but it makes me feel good. The random acts of kindness deal does work for the soul. It's like exercising in the morning - you have that "high" all day.

Live Healthier
Usually I do the "lose 10 lbs.", blah, blah blah deal. This year, I want to eat, live & work healthier. Eating foods that are better for me, i.e. more fruits & veggies & less ....well less crap. Our home has gotten into a processed food rut. I find it amazing how cheap processed food is compared to fresh whole foods. To buy an item without added growth hormones, preservatives etc - you pay MORE for it. Don't get it. But this I will be doing. I think my 6 yr. old bounces off the walls due to some of the food we feed her than she's just a rambunctious 6 yr. old.

I want to get to the gym more. Not so much to thin down (which I want) but to get cardio healthy. If I can quit smoking - hell I can exercise for 30 minutes a day!! If it means running, elliptical or swimming with my kids. Something to get the metabolism going.

Lastly - getting more sleep. I am up entirely too late & get up early due to my kids. I think we are going to watch a lot less TV & get to be earlier to accomplish this goal. Though we do have priorities - Lost, Heroes.... thank God for DVR!!

Well - that's it. 2 major resolutions which require many changes & fine tuning of my life along the way. Even if I stick to one or two of them - I think that I shall be a better person because of it.

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