Monday, May 18, 2009

I did it!!

Well - on May 3rd I finished my 1st half marathon. It was awesome too!! So great that I signed up for the Philly Half in November.

We arrived in the 'Burgh Friday afternoon & visited with family. It was a great visit, though I think we needed more time. Saturday Eric & I went downtown with Sarah & Emily stayed with her cousin to play for the day. We hit up the expo & got my goodie bag & tag. The tech shirt is so nice (wore for the race) but they ran out of Dick's Sporting Good bags. A bit of a downer!! Eric & I decided to get Sarah in the stroller & explore the Strip District. Poor decision on my part. First thing was I wore my Croc flip-flops - by the end of the evening I had the makings of a blister on both of my feet. Plus I think we walked about 5 miles!! Though it was so nice to see the area again!! We had corned beef sandwhiches (probably not a good idea pre-race but oh so good!!) and headed back to the hotel.
We stayed at the Hampton Inn which literally was the start line. So travel to the race was easy. I was near the end of the line due to my turtle-like pace. Only complaint was that I waited in line for 40 - 45 min for the porta-potty pre-race.

Once I got started I immediately dropped to the back of the pack!! ha! All I needed to see was that the ambulance was BEHIND me!! And I kept ahead of it all of the race.

Crossing 3 of Pittsburgh's bridges was a breath-taking event for me. I always tell people that we have the before skyline & that morning set in stone for me!!

I finally crossed the finish line at 3:13:32. And I didn't want to vomit, which impressed me the most!!! My only real complaint was that I was told they ran out of Half Marathon medals which was not the case so I had to have mine mailed ( & they mailed me a Dick's duffel bag, the nicer one that they gave out to the full marathoners!!)

The next day I was lucky enough to be able to stand. To make matters worse I had to sit in a car for 5 hours to get home. But it was worth it & look forward to doing it again!!

Pictures to follow later!!

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