Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday Menu Plan ....for Tuesday..

Ok - so I am a bit behind. I was going to stay up & post last night but I found a brief moment of time to spend with my hubby. So I took that instead. He's been so busy lately - to actually spend some time with him is rare. So onto my menu!! This week is pasta week. Eric will be working late 2 evenings this week & with my eldest working evening shift - pasta is an easy dinner for 2.

Monday: Tacos
Tuesday: Crockpot Ravioli
Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan
Thursday: Rachael Ray's Carbonara Recipe
Friday: Pizza

I am actually trying to use what I have in my pantry for these meals. Plus I am looking for a good veggie soup for the crockpot for next week. I have tons of frozen veggies that need to be used up before they have a higher ice to veggie ratio. So today is going to be spent scouring through my pantry to determine what I have on hand for next weeks meals. Wish me luck!!

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