Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm back to the gym..

Well I've finally got a schedule down...sort of.. for the gym. My youngest has school 3 days a week for I have 3 "no excuse" days to get there. Today was my 3rd day this week & I spent over an hour and a half there. I KNOW!! That's just crazy!!! But I am learning to warm up for my runs - so I walk it least a half mile then I run for about 40 minutes. I down loaded the Lance Armstrong Nike+ mix & love it. 4 min run - 4 min walk kinda deal. I almost had my 5K under 40 minutes. I am working towards less than 35 minutes. I need to get back in shape for the "Shiver by the River" series next month. My goals are to get in 30 miles this month.
Plus I have added strength training to my routine. I have a feeling I am going to be sore tomorrow. And OMG I have NO upoper body strength whatsoever. Weakling here!! But I like that feeling - a bit of soreness. It's a reminder that I am doing something.
Beginning Monday I am going to take a yoga class at 6 freaking clock in the morning. I hope this works out, I really want to do learn yoga. So I am getting up early enough to hit up Planet Fitness to run first & then get to the Y for the class. And for Wednesday I signed up for a pilates class - I'll run before the class that day. Wish me luck all!!

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