Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trying to get a groove going....

I think the hardest part of running is finding the groove. I think I am almost there, maybe. A bit ambivalent about this I am. You see I haven't hit the opensroads yet. I'm still the hamster on the treadmill.... For now. I will soon run outdors because this is my favorite time to run. But I am preparing for the inevitable setback of mileage & paces. I think I am doing pretty okay now, but *sigh* once I go to road - it's going to be a new mode. Meaning I'm starting over again.
New often unstable in areas,
loose gravel, slippy* grass, uneven roads & bonehead drivers. Must I go on? I never encur this while on a treadmill. I need to make my transistion soon. I'm tired of read tweets of everyones quick runs "oh it was so cold out" or "ran a fast 2 miler in the pouring rain" I feel. so wimpy *sigh* needs to
End! So tommorrow I will have my plan!!!!! (hopfully ;))

For those of you not from Pittsburgh - slippy means slippery :)

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