Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Personal best time on the treads!!

Yesterday workout was great! I did a few errands in the morning then felt that tug to just forget about hitting the gym up completely. The story of my life. I figured hell with it, I'll just go to Costco, grab a few sample snacks & go home & clean or something else productive. I ending up taking the route by the gym, to get there & just decided to get it over with. Glad I did since I had a PR on the treadmill. I know - PR....for a treadmill? Yes a PR - because I getting back into all this exercising shit & I need a little "PR" to give me goals. Snicker on you own.

I actually ended up getting my whole workout in - which was pretty amazing to me since I will make any excuse not to do shit.

Tuesdays are an upper body day for me, according my little plan (which is subject to change when I damn well feel like it).

Pulldowns: 4 sets/12 reps 60#
Lateral Raises: 4 sets/12 reps 5#
Tricep press: 4 sets/12 reps  60#
Preacher curls: 4 sets/12 reps 40#
Tricep extensions: 4 sets/12 reps 40#
Miltary dips (gravitron): 12 at 17# BW
Pullups (gravitron): 12 reps at 17# BW (level 1)
                              31 reps at 31# BW (level 3)

Overall, I am just pretty damn pleased with myself that I actually worked out at all!

As for today, I had my kettlebell express class for 30 minutes. It's pretty tough. My first class was a killer but since then I have been able to increase my weights. Need to get a rundown on what we do in the class so I can do some of this stuff at home too. Afterwards - went into the gym to do some shoulder work and the test out my new Vibrams.

Seated DB overhead press:         1 set/12 reps 5#
                                                   3 sets/12 reps 7#
Seated bent-over lateral raises:    4 sets/12 reps 5# (god I hate lateral raises! They feel so awkward to me)
Seated front raises:                      4 sets/12 reps 5#
DB flys:                                       4 sets/12 reps 9#
DB press:                                    4 sets/12 reps 9#

Still need to get the plank in for today. But I usually average 1:30 - 2minutes. On the longer end of the stick if I can keep myself distracted enough.

As for the run, I only ran a mile for the test run in the Vibrams. It was ok. I could definitely tell that different
  as I could feel it in my legs. I'm not sure I am a convert yet. Though I love wearing the shoes on a day to day basis - they are not the most fashion friendly things. They make me look like I have cankles.

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