Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy day!!!

Well I ran another "5K" today. 3.26 mi today on the treadmill. I prefer to run outside now that I am used to it, but I was to have a weight lifting class - missed it. So the treadmill did fine. It actually was calibrated close to my Nike/Ipod - the Precor they have is way off. I need to get to a track to calibrate my ipod better though. 

After my run, I was going to strength train, but the "Tyke Time" (child watch) came & got me because my youngest peanut had a seizure. Those poor ladies down there!!! They are the greatest bunch of women!!! But I think it freaks them out. Sarah's seizures have become increasingly more frequent over the past few months - much to our dismay. It's really affected her affect too. She's not as perky as she used to be. Neuro appt. in Dec. Thank goodness!!.

Emily's birthday party is Sunday. I've got to get crackin' on her cake. Have the 2 layers done & frosted. Now I have to make the fondant. We are going for a gymnastics theme this year. So I am going to attempt to make a vault & balance beam out of rice krispie treats & decorate it. But hey - let's face it. I'm no Geof!! (Ace of Cakes - love the show!!!!)

I'll upload pics when I'm done!! Got to go - if my oldest Kate gets home & sees me on the computer she'll kill me. She was kind enough to take Emily to gymnastics lessons (she's 18). Well - kind enough to take my $10 bribe to take her!!!

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