Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nike+ crashed....grrrrrr

So I had an decent run today. Was shooting for a 3 mile - 5K-ish run. A bit chilly this morn - so I have to get used to that. Breathing cold air in doesn't feel so great. But it got better after awhile. I really need to stretch more than I do. I hate stretching - I just want to run & get it over with I guess. I shouldn't have that mentality because I am really starting to enjoy it. 

So I am down to the last 400 meters when I went to rewind a bit on my ipod (the podcast I was listening to) & wouldn't you believe it crashed. I couldn't believe it!! I waited to get home so I could write the info down - spent about 2 hours searching for a way to manually iput info into the Nike+. And yes I found a way. Now to get it to work. Very frustrating!! It loads into my ipod as a history but not onto the site. Oh well - it least I can manually place it into Runner+.

I'm trying to spiff up my blog site here. Trying to find a way to load in my run info to it. Any ideas please leave me a message. 

Oh - BTW - the birthday cake was a disaster!! I trashed it & went to the local store & snagged a Hannah Montana one. Tasty & cheap! 

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