Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great day!

I had such a nice run today. Cool & foggy. I love fall, though I think the leaves are turning too soon.  The air needs to more "crisp" to view the lovely colors.  But that just means winters around the corner - YIPEE!! I love snow!!! 

As for my run - much better than last night. I took a new course & it has a bit more hills to it. Which I need to start working on. The Shiver by the River has this one hill that, for a new runner, is just too daunting. I get tired thinking about it now. It was almost 3 miles, which is good for me. Took a few pictures with my camera phone, mainly for landscaping ideas. Gosh - I hope people don't think I was casing their homes. Yikes. I think I may take my camera tomorrow for pictures of the trees. 

I have to start adding more miles. I am going to run 5 miles for the World Run Day. Then again that is  - oh no. It's in about 3 weeks or so. Oops - better get cracking!! I'm dedicating my run to my youngest daughter Sarah. She has a genetic disorder. If you are interested in learning about it - check out this link -

Well hope everyone had a great run day!

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