Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bit warm today

I wasn't able to go for my run until this afternoon (I prefer morning). Well, I really didn't want to go. I was out of my groove by then but I did it - like a good newbie. This time I decide to run the route the I ran the other day in reverse. Hmmmm - not going to do that again. I'd rather run flat then uphill when I am warm than the hill first. Ugh - I was so tired 3/4 into the run I ending up walking so much. The crazy thing though is, my Nike+ plus comes on with TigerWoods  (yeah - we're tight) & he congrats me on my fastest mile yet (he's soo sweet!) Weird!! Ok - it's only 11:30 or so - but it my personal best.

It was a bit warm starting out, but 1/2 into my run the breeze started to pick up. It would've been nicer if it was at my back but still - it felt great. It's strange my legs aren't tired too much anymore & my breathing is getting better (by that I mean I'm not trying heave my internal organs out with each breath) - but I still feel this need to walk. I need to somehow mentally push myself. I am sure this comes with time though.  One thing I have to work on is my warm-up. If I go into a 5k with the way I run now - nasty times are coming my way. I need to take 20 minutes or so & do a light jog or something. But I'm afraid that I'll waste what little energy I'll have at that time of day! :)

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