Saturday, October 11, 2008

World Wide Festival of Races

I've completed my first WWFoR. Yippee!!! I worked the night shift last night, got about 4-5 hours of sleep. Wasn't sure how I'd feel - but I feel great now. Though I washed my shoes yesterday & am wondering if they were not completely dry when I went to work. It feels like a blister is brewing on one on my toes. So that hurt a bit while I ran. Not that it had anything to do with my  sluggish time. ha!

So next week is another 5k. I work the night before that too - I'll just go to that race right after work. And then I have to go apple picking with my daughter Daisy Girl Scout group. (hmmm looking forward to cookie time!!! yeah like my fat butt needs them!! ha!)

Well - I'm going now - we're getting chinese for dinner. Yea!!! For all those who haven't run yet - good luck!!!


John Vaughn said...

Hey, i saw your comment over at runners round table looking for "newbe" podcasts. I see you like 4 ft runnning and Dan is still new and talks a lot about his training but really, there are no newbies! You are a runner and there are only runners and non runners! Congrats on being a runner (and i know you're hooked on racing now too!). Such a great community, all such nice helpful people and a truly global community! You have friends all around the world through podcasts! There's many, many more - check out (or is it org?) but Nigel from Running from the Reaper keeps it updated! Welcome runner, welcome!

Running After 3 said...

Thanks so much for the tip - though I feel there is so much to learn. In form & technique that is. Thanks!