Friday, October 10, 2008

Rest day

Today I am going to rest. My ankles/knees have been a bit sore. This I know due to the fact that my pre-run stretching is, well I don't. This weekend is the World Wide Festival of Races ( so I need to be ready for that too. I have to figure out a route to use since the are not any local races. 

Plus I work nightshift this evening. Sad isn't it when you are happy to go to work! Ha! I'm a SAHM so when I do get to work I am soooo excited. BTW - I'm an RN - critical care by specialty. Love it! My hubby is one too - well he is no longer bedside. He creates the work systems that I would use at the bedside. And let me tell ya - he's damn good at what he does. Very brilliant man my husband!!
Well - to all that are running this weekend - good luck!!

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