Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanks to all!

I'm sorry it's been so long - but thank you to all who have donated to my World  Run Day. I went above my goal - so thank you so much!!

It's also been so long since  I've posted. It's been very busy in this household.  My youngest peanut spent a few days in Children's Hospital for a UTI. Gosh she was so sick & then we've just been doing the "doctor circuit" with follow-ups & testing. Very non-interesting. But I have to say - I love CHOP (Children's  of Philly) - everyone is so wonderful there. I love being s nursing - but those are some special nurses - Peds nurses. I could never do it!!

So I've started back up on my running. I've decided to run the Pgh. 1/2 marathon in May. So  I've got to get training! I just want to finish. Then maybe I'll try the  Marine Corp. Marathon at the end of next year. I hear it is a good one to start with. We'll see.  

Join the Bad Girls of Running challenges on Buckeye - that will motivate me to keep on track. Plus we chicks need to stick together after the last debacle. :) More later guys - off to Target I go!!

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