Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dry spell...blah

Well my running is not going as well as I wanted it too. Not in part of myself but of other things - mainly a sick little peanut of mine. My Sarah has been out of sorts for months - can't wait to see neuro. The past week or so her seizures have been on the rise again (they've increased dramatically over the last 4 months) and tonight she had a fever. Poor thing - usually she's so perky but lately - not the case.

I ran yesterday though. Got myself a pair of Under Armour cold wear pants. God - I probably look so silly in them. Yeah - it's like the husky girl wearing spandex. I wear a pair of shorts over them & a long shirt. I mean seriously - why frighten people so early in the day. ha! And I don;t want those "what were you thinking" looks. But I love them!! I ran my fastest 5k - 36 minutes!! I was shocked! And I ran a mile without stopping for the 1st time! Amazing!! 

I'm hoping to get a run in tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

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