Sunday, December 14, 2008

New PR...somewhat

Well today began the "Shiver by the River" series in Reading, Pa. I really like this race - you get 4 races for $25. Can't beat that! And it is 1 race each month until March, so you can really see your improvement (if there is any).

It was a good run for me - time not the greatest but I shaved about 2 minutes off my time since I first ran this race 2 yrs. ago. And I really didn't tired as fast as I thought I would. The first part of the race is pretty much uphill & I ran most of the hill - which shocked me. The part of the race I found most humorous was when the leader of the 10K (it's a double loop for 10k) passed me BEFORE my 2nd mile. Cracked me up! He made the course record of 31.03 for a 10k. Wow! He had time to eat, shower AND take a nap before I crossed the finish line. What an awesome time!!

The best part of the race undoubtedly is the post race chicken soup. It is to die for - seriously. I need that recipe. Plus of course the bagels & M&M's. It really is my favorite race. Though I have to find warmer socks for the next month or so. I have my Cold Gear Under Armour pants (nothing like a husky girl in spandex eh? ;} ) but my toes were chilly. My body warmed up while running except for them. Will worked on that.

I can't wait till next month!!

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