Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another day

So we're still here. She's finally sleeping..again. Her grand total of seizures yesterday was 15. Crazy - I know. We always noticed that when she had one her lips would turn blue briefly but I finally got to see how low her oxygen actually went. Yikes!! For those of us that have normal lung function, on room air our oxygen saturation (Sp02%) should be between 93% - 100%. When Sarah had her seizures her lowest was 45%. I almost died!! I mean - on the unit we intubate for that!! (though her's was brief).

For awhile yesterday she was quite punctual. By that I mean she was have one pretty much every 15 minutes after the hour. Finally I think the Doc's got enough of their info & gave her a medicine called Tranzene, which is a cousin to Ativan. That worked for 2 hours. Then she only had seizures every 2 or so hrs. Finally they gave her Ativan. I should've got some too - you know like a bonus thing. :)

Since the Ativan she has been seizure free that we know of. She did have one episode of "staring" which is called an absence seizure (pronounced "ab-sonse" - more french like. ) But we have to wait for the EEG to be read. She's napping like a lamb now.

As for me - I am bored. And getting nothing done!!! I though maybe I could get a bunch of reading done, but I'm getting entirely ADD about it. And to make it worse I am just gnoshing on crap. I swear I gained 5#'s since Tues. I really wanted to read J. Galloway's Half Marathon book & get a plan going. Maybe today. Hoefully I am not here another night. Ugh!!

More later....

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