Friday, February 6, 2009

I really need to run..

This was such a bad week for training. 1st Emily was sick. Poor thing, she never gets ill but when she - she goes full force! Then Sarah got the sniffles - I thought she was relatively safe but....she went downhill. She coughed so hard she lost her little voice & on more than one occasion made her nosebleed. Finally took her to the doctor to find out that she has a raging ear infection. We've finished day 1 of antibiotics & she still so tired. Now Daddy is not feeling well. I'd rather have a brood of sick kids whining all day long than have one Daddy sick :)

Tonight was the Daisy/Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance. Emily looks so beautiful!! And Daddy wasn't too shabby either. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Will post a photo soon.

Hopefully I will be able to run tomorrow. Hopefully I work tomorrow. I haven't worked for about a month. Hospitals are probably starting to cut back on agency nurses due to economy. People are still getting sick - there's just less nurses to take care of them now to save money. Such a shame.

Run safe~

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Adam Tinkoff said...

There's nothing more noble than being a parent. Nothing. Running can wait. It will be there for you when you're good and ready. Thanks.