Friday, May 22, 2009


I just got my shipment from Mountain Rose Herbs the other day. I love this place!! They have the best tea in the world & at such great prices!!! I bought a pound of tea for about $20. Trust me - this will last me for about a month or 2. It is huge!! Plus I am trying a few smaller sizes too. I've had Moon Ease (wonderful) and Dream Tea (love it - next big buy!!). Recent purchase included Lemon tea & one called Fidnemed Nighttime Tea. This one was a bit bitter for me - I think I will have to mix it with another tea.

Plus they sell herbs too. I bought a bag of Stevia leaf to add to my loose tea and the price was reasonable. Only $9.00 for a pound bag. Stevia, if you did not know, is twice as sweet as sugar. No need to add to my tea anymore!! No more extra calories there!!

Take a look at the site, there is something for everyone!!. Also - if you do decide to order, please go through my site for I am now an affiliate with them. Enjoy!!!

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