Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smoke Free

I'm sitting here thinking about the guy I saw taking a walk during his lunch hour. I was quite impressed with him for taking up the task. I mean - it was hot today. No really hot. - like 92 degrees with the heat index of "Sweet Jesus!" he was wearing his dress slacks, a long sleeved shirt & tie. He had a nice little pace going too - whatever was on the iPod was doing it's job in keeping it cardio. Like I said before, I was impressed. Then the wave of disgust rolled through me as he flicked his cigarette butt in the street infront of my car.
No - the littering isn't what bothered me (though that is a major peeve I will address one day). It was the combination of the 2 acts together that did - walking & smoking. Some out there may give him credit -"hey it least he's exercising!" Those of you that are thinking this are smokers most likely & if you are not then you are oblivious to the bigger picture.
See - I now have been smoke free for 2 years. This simple act (not so simple at the time) has given me so much of a payback. No more seasonal hacking, no more stressed out mornings wondering where my lighter is - though many a time I could have used a Non-Smokers glare. Respiratory wise I'm good - true my ass has gotten a lot bigger too. A trade I'll gladly accept.
More importantly - this act of quitting has given me the right to bitch too. I smoked for 20 years. Started because a boyfriend did, another stupid move - I married the boyfriend - another blog entry at a later time about that! I would wake up in the morning & light up...... BEFORE peeing. That's just insane! Now I can't stand being near a heavy smoker - the stale smell of tobacco nauseates me. I can't breathe. - it's a mess. But a nice mess. To all the smokers out there. - quit. It's really easier than the alternative... Death.

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