Thursday, October 15, 2009

Starting anew

Okay now. Got a new blog theme....check. Got ideas to blog about.....check. Have the motivation....check. Need to actually blog.......hmmm, ummm partial check?

I initially started this blog to talk about my running and so forth. Though this has gone by the wayside - both the running and the blogging. I'm more upset with the first one though. I keep making the same excuse that I do not have the time - but as you can see by this - I do. My youngest daughter starts school next week - 3 days for about 4 hours - so I am hoping to get out of the rut and just do it. Considering that I have been registered for the Philly Half next month I really need to get running. I hate the way I feel too. I feel old & creaky. Ugh and not to mention very, very jiggly.

So on top of that I have been meal planning too (need a better segue than that). Which I find has been very helpful in my day-to-day routine. Beginning this coming Monday I will be posting my meal plans too along with the recipes links in case you too (my 2 followers ha!) are interested. We shall see how this goes...wish me luck!!

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