Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Okay here's is my first blog into menu planning. I've actually been planning for the past few weeks & it is working out great. It really is so convenient! I'm trying to following some guidelines from different blogs & I'm posting to the Organized Junkie to try & keep some accountability to myself (as well as get menu ideas). Geeky I know.

Monday: Fettuccine Alfredo w/Broccoli

Tuesday: Take-out Chicken

Wednesday: Crockpot Ravioli

Thursday: Tacos

Friday: Pizza (along with the homemade sauce)

Saturday: Leftovers

I also have
Peanut Butter pie, pizza bread & Breakfast apple granola crisp on the menu for snacks/lunches & breakfasts. I'll try to rate the meals as I go also.

I made the pizza bread yesterday and was able to get 3 large loaves from the recipe. And it was fantastic!! The peanut butter pie was good too. Nice & fast dessert, though Eric would have liked the Oreo recipe instead. I'm going to make the Apple granola crisp this afternoon. I am excited about this one - I have been waiting to try something from this website,
Smitten Kitchen. Every recipe I have seen here looks so easy and they have so many great recipes to boot!!

Meal update....

The fettucini alfredo was very good, though I added more parmesan than it called for. The Take-Out Chicken did not go well - I used chicken breast instead of thighs. It was a bit tough. And the flavor was a bit spicy. Hubby was not crazy about it at all.

Now the Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp is awesome!!! Love it and highly recommend it.

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