Monday, November 9, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

What are your favorite candles/scents?
When it comes to candles, Yankee has it!!

Autumn Lodge

Which they do not make anymore (very sad about this) but rumor is that they are
bringing it back ext year for a limited run. We'll see - if so need to save & stock up!!

My all time favorite scent has to be my little ones. You know that smell... and I'm talking when they are clean out of the tub & before the lotion & powder. Not so much after they have been rolling around in cod knows what outside. That fresh baby innocence smell that my girls always seem to have. I love it!! 

I love rain on hot pavement, the smell of snow in the air just before it falls, the scent of fall when the leaves are turning, fresh cut grass in the spring, baking bread and a fireplace. 


Shelly said...

I hate it when you have a favorite scent that they no longer make! Drives me crazy.

Christina said...

My favorite scent by colonial candles has stopped being made as well, Cranberry apple tea. It never fails I find one I love they stop making it. Maybe that's just the universes way of saying I need a change huh?
Happy FMM!

jenjen said...

Happy FMM! I am going to look for that Autumn Lodge - sounds wonderful!