Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Ok - it has been forever since I've participated in the MPM. Though I've actually menu planned at home - I haven't posted which has in the past held me accountable. Mentally menu planning & actually writing it down makes a difference. Especially on those days when I really do not feel like cooking. When I write it down, it seems I am more prepare to cook. Totally works for me!!

So here we go!! The previous weekend I made a turkey - like Thanksgiving size that has been in my freeaer since Thanksgiving. I had an oven fiasco then (the window cracked 2 days before the big cook day!!) so I had to buy a roaster which meant buying a smaller bird. *sigh* very stressful. So I felt I needed to cook that thing before it went bad & that means a week of leftovers....yea!!!

Monday: Leftover Turkey Casserole

Tuesday: Crockpot Cabbage Rolls

Wednesday: Slow-Cooked Creamy Parmesan Chicken & Rice

Thursday: Chicken Carbonara

Friday: Pizza (bread machine)

Saturday: Stuffed Shells

Breakfast ideas: Baked Oatmeal (absolutley the best!!!), pancakes, cereal & bread machine cinnamon rolls

Lunch ideas: salads - this is a weak spot. I end up buying WW Smart Ones. Need to get creative!

Desserts: Brooke's Bombshell Brownies., Apple Pie Hungry Girl Style, Jello

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