Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apps I love when I run....

I have an iPod touch previously & loved using it for my runs - the Nike+ as built in and it was great!!. Not that I have a 3G iPhone, I noticed that it does not have the Nike+ & from the posts that I have read it will never be. Annoying but it is what it is. Nike's loss for not have Apple implement in  the 3G. I have since moved on to other app's. And here are a few below.

When it comes to running, now that I have a GPS I have tried the vast app's that are offered.

1.) TrailGuru
I am presently using TrailGuru. I like this app - quick & straightforward. And so far have had no problems with the GPS tracking. Everything is uploaded to the site. Unfortunately, you cannot see your past runs via the app - only online. And the app must be running for tracking. So I have to start my music 1st then start the app. Therefore - I better have a playlist of songs I like - no changing. I do like the fact that you can "lock" the app - so no accidentally shutting it down. A major plus when your iphone is jostling in your pocket. Plus I can take pictures along my route - which I think is very cool. Sometimes out on those runs you see some very interesting stuff.


2.) Runmeter
I tried this one before TrailGuru. It was 4 - 4 1/2 stars so I thought it would be a great deal for $4.99. Problem was the GPS dropped out a mile into my run. I was so irritated that I immediately downloaded TrailGuru. This does have a remote control via headphones/mic, twitter postings, google maps & exports. You can also see your progress in the calendar section, which I like. I like being able to see my progress. Regarding the twitter, it will also update you on what people post to you via text to voice (hear your tweets!). You also have to have this opened for tracking. Not too many program run in the background so I guess this is not that big of a deal. I think I may have to try this again & see how it goes. Will update after a few uses. No camera - :(


3.) RunsToGo
This is essentially a countdown program. I set my goal to run 40 miles in a month. Each time I run, I enter the total miles & it counts down. It has a badge that shows how many miles are left for quick review. It's a simple program and the $2 I paid I think we worth it. It's $2 & I use it everytime I run so I don't think it was a waste.


These of course are my 3 main running apps. I have others that I use off & on but these are my primary since the Nike+ is pretty much obsolete to me. Don't think I want to carry a secondipod just for that.

Next up.... apps I use for diet/nutrition....

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