Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My new iPhone..part 1

My cell phone FINALLY died recently. Not wanting to speak ill of the dead, but THANK GOODNESS!! In the beginning it was a trusty ole thing, but as time went on....well put it this way - I do not want to age like my cell phone. You couldn't hear anything, the ringer seemed to die down, the screen dimmed & it was to the point you couldn't charge it at all. Oh gosh...I really do not want to age like my cell..... it sounds so human! The day eventually came when the charge in my phone was no more - so instead of getting a new one my hubby gave me his. Drats.... not according to plan but I rolled with it.

My husband is predictable in some ways. He did not mind giving me his phone since he had his work phone, but my husband respects the line between work & personal property. He absolutely does not like to make personal calls on his work phone... to him it is almost an ethical dilemma. I could hear a cringe over the phone one time I asked him to bring home a few paper clips for a bunch of files that needed to be mailed out. To him a personal call on his work phone is tantamount to company theft.  So the 2 weeks without his personal cell phone was a killer for him and he finally caved!!

I had informed him that our next phone should be an iphone. I mean come on - look at the commercials!! How more practical can you get!! He did not seem to understand that I craved the accessibility of the 'net that he took for granted on his little Blackberry. I wanted to be able to use my Weight Watcher app other than in my own house or in the produce section of our local Giant. Finding free wi-fi for my ipod touch was like a quest for the Holy Grail. Silly... but true.  If you have an ipod touch you understand.

So he gave in to me & granted me my wish. This only came after we realized that his company offers a discount with AT&T. So for the with the discount (25%) on our phone plan AND data plan, we would be paying pretty much the same amount as we are now. (yes this info would have been handy to know for the last 4 years we've been with AT&T). The day I downloaded my 1st app and used the "3G" network...I was in love. If you have never experienced the iphone.... oh my. Apps....they are addictive. I mean they seriously have one for everything. And I need to try them. I have a new organizer every other week and have yet to settle on one. (Though I have found Springpad and think it is the coolest thing..)

Next post I will talk about the many exercise apps I have & use on my iphone. I have found this to be the most useful thing in my war in losing weight. 

By the way, since I was getting an iPhone my husband felt he needed to get one too. He did not understand the big deal in the beginning but after 20 minutes on his iphone he was hooked. Though it is a bit concerning when we are out in public and he decides to bowl to pass the time..

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