Monday, October 1, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Fall is here!! It's also the time of year I seem to get back into planning all my meals. Which makes my life seem a bit more sane. So here is the list for the week. Saturday is usually up in the air since if I am working the family is fending for themselves, aka "artificial day" aptly named by my daughter. If I am not working, we improvise a home cooked meal...sometimes. :)

Monday:            Matzo ball soup w/chicken (Emily has been begging for this over a week now!!)
Tuesday:           Beef stew w/rice (The beef stew is paleo but the rice was a compromise)
Wednesday:   Sloppy Joe's on gluten free rolls. Sweet potatoe FF
Thursday:         Everyday Paleo's "Best Ever Chicken Wings" .... and they lie
Friday:           Pizza....this is pretty standard since I work nights.
Saturday:           If i work - they fend for themselves or as my daughter calls it "an artificial day"
                                  (we try to keep about 90% artificial colors/flavors out of her diet.)

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