Monday, October 1, 2012

Foodie Penpal Reveal Day!!!

This was the first month I decided to try the Foodie PenPal. I think it is a really nice idea since these days with the Internet & email, phones & texting we tend to get away from that personal touch of mail. Once I received my penpal I emailed her right away! I was matched with Jenn from Littleblackraincloud. She has a really nice site where she does a lot of reviews on different things. She has given me some ideas for future buys!!
She sent me an email letting me know that her package was on the way - Sept. 15 mail date. I was expecting it maybe Tues/Wed. but lo and behold it came on Monday. Thank you USPS - you are awesome!!

 I could hardly wait to rip it open. My 9 yr. scolded me for not waiting for her. Ooops. 

 Included was an amazing assortment of goodies!! I tried the Cinnamon Roasted Almonds from Emerald first. I just came home from the gym and was STARVING!! Then I moved on to a fruit strip (strawberry) from the Target brand Archer Farms. I've never been one for these kind of snacks but I really liked them and may be purchasing in near future.
 My poor daughter was a bit sad that she couldn't have a lot of the treats in the box since with her braces they are a huge no-no. We had to promise her not that we would not eat the Cracker Jacks & aalt water taffy in front of her!! LOL. Speaking of the salt water taffy - oh so delish. It is made locally around Jenn so that made it even cooler.
 I love this little bag of yumminess. It is presently in my car as my emergency fix while on the road.
And saving the best for last. OMG - this stuff is sinfully good. I have wanted to get some of this in the past but knew it would only mean danger. My intuition was correct. This stuff I could slather on rocks and they would be crunchy goodness!!
I haven't tried the Larabar or Luna bar yet - those will be my post workout snacks sometime this coming week. The tea mixes were pretty good  - I like little quick mixes for fast flavor.
 My daughter thought the PB Skinny Cow candy bar was the best thing in the whole box. I took one bite & had to concur it was down right good - then let her have the rest to herself. She was a happy little girl.

I can't wait until next month!! Thank you again Jenn!!


Jenn said...

So glad you liked everything! It was a lot of fun picking and choosing what to include! I can't wait to start getting things together for this month!

Running After 3 said...

I agree!! I am already picking little goodies up as I shop now!!Thank you so much!!! Hope you will be able to follow along my little fit journey for a spell too :) And how was your vacation??