Friday, September 7, 2012

My aching legs!!

Wednesday was my 1st day of the kettlebell express class at the YMCA. I’m not to great when it comes to strength training, even though I know it is more important for your body than cardio. But to hang out & lift after running? Not appealing to me. So I decided to take a class. Oh my goodness – I can barely walk today!! For a 30 minutes class it really kicked my ass. Then to top it off I ran again today. UGH!!!! 
I decided to stop by the local LA Fitness & see what was so exciting about. Nice gym – the fans attached to the treadmill was the most exciting things I found. I wouldn’t mind joining if it was not for the $249 initiation fee. Really??? So needless to say – I have 2 days left & that will be that. 
As far as nutrition goes – I spent the month of August doing a Whole30 regimene No dairy, no grains & no added sweeteners. I did pretty well though at the end I made a few mistakes. My lovely 9 year old was kind enought to tally them for me – 18. But all in all I learned alot. Especially the week AFTER. How sensitive my digestive system became. I always knew that something wasn’t right after eating sometimes but since I ate so much crap all the time I had no idea what it was. Too much gluten is not good for me. And that goes for sugar too. I thought I was in hell last night after eating at tiny sliver of cheesecake. It was awful. Lesson learned. Not quite.
Since I am trying to get my 9 year old on the gluten free lifestyle I needed to bring along some treats to entice her. So I bought Chocolate Triffle Brownies form the Gluten Free Pantry brand. I am starting out with box brands with the intention of moving to homemade goodies. I whipped them up today & they are wonderful. I would have never guess that they were gluten free. Big bonus in my box. Almost too chocolaty - if there is such a thing. Now to have my daughter taste test them. :)

Update: She loved them!!

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