Thursday, October 25, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life Review

I was pretty excited to see that Crystal Paine was re-releasing her ebook 21 days to a Disciplined Life again revamped. I bought it awhile back and was able to implement many of her ideas into my daily life but knew I needed to refresh my look and reread it. So glad I did. More importantly I was able to get it in Kindle format, which is so nice in the sense I can actually jump to links via my Kindle. I was unable to with the PDF format, if it the way it works or just me I am not sure.

 I went through the book reading it and plan to go through again at a much slower pace, i.e. day by day as the book is laid out. I love how at the end of each chapter is a practical application that is easily attainable. There are small projects and a mega project. I have a disaster of a basement that seriously needs to be cleaned prior to Thanksgiving. It is so bad that even the thought of cleaning it overwhelms me. I know for a fact that i can tackles this using Crystal's ideas for the Mega Project. Even thinking about is doesn't throw me into a panic attack!! 

 And I love worksheets!! Yes - they are included!! So my plan? I am going to print my sheets out today and work on my 21 day Mega Project and get what needs to get done. Along the way I am going to find the few habits that mean the most to me and work on them.

 The biggest tip I have taken from this book is to not take on too much as we always seem to do. This ultimately leads to failure and frustration. Each night I have vowed to make sure my sink was empty and counters cleaned. And for over a week I have kept this vow and wow does it make such an impact on my mornings!!! The visual of a clean kitchen is enough to take my mood into high gear!! 

 My advice?? Get the book, read it, take what info you can from it and improve yourself in a few babysteps. Right now it is on Amazon for 99 cents - it least for the next 2 days. 21 days to a Disciplined Life

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