Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have decided to do a 5 mile run for World Run Day. For me this will be a stretch since I can barely get a 3.1 miler down. But it will be worth it - check out my sidebar re: the charity I'm running for. My daughter has Wolf-Hirshorn Syndrome (a genetic disorder) so I am raising $$$ for the support group. 

Today's run was a very short run - only about 1.2 miles. I spent more time than I should have searching for crap on the net & Katie (my oldest) reminded me I only have 30 min. left. Drats! I like running in this type of weather, but it seems to take a bit longer to loosen up. Though I still am not stretching pre-run. Not a good thing I know!!

Started to listen to the Runner's Round Table during my run today. I like it too - can't wait to finish it! I have to finish putting up my fav blogs/podcasts today too! Well - little missy (Sarah) is having therapy now & throwing a tantrum. She's soooo cute but sooooo lazy! ha!

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