Friday, November 28, 2008

Runners are really a different breed

I ran my "turkey burner" today - or also called the Stuffed Pig Prediction run. I was off by about 1 1/2 minutes in my time - which isn't too bad. A bit disappointed that Keith Straw wasn't wearing his tutu though. :) But what I am  most amazed with is how genuinely nice runners are for the most part. I really don't think I've ever met a "cranky" runner. Please do not think of me as naive - I am sure there are plenty. But every race I run I see so many runners chatting it up with strangers, giving tips in re: races or training and passing out the humor when it's needed most. Mainly to us new runners who are wondering why the hell we are doing this! To see the passion I see in these people is so inspiring. 

I have to say the passion I hear in these people too. I love listening to my running podcasts - 4 feet Running, Runner's Roundtable, Zen Runner etc. I love to hear that even when it is cold outside, they still get their butt's out the door & do it because that is what they love. An if they can do it - so can I. My favorite though is 4 Feet Running. Here you have a somewhat new(not sure if he can be classified as this anymore?) runner & his wife chugging along their runs & taking us with them. And some of the things they talk about just crack me up (Favorite line - "a crack sternum?!? Wow - that's hardcore.") Plus the chemistry is perfect between them - talk about a perfect match - and once freakin' funny!!

My husband can not understand how I can listen to people talk about running. I tell him that it is my time of inspiration. I am looking forward to that day when running because so woven into my life that it is almost like breathing. He doesn't get it. But  anyone reading this just might.  

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