Saturday, November 29, 2008

Very sore..

After running the 2 5K's - I was quite sore today. Since the in-laws are visiting, I took up the couch while hubby is having  sleepover with Emily. So cute - she has all her stuffed animals laid out on the floor all covered up & "sleeping".  Though Eric is unsure when he is suppose to sleep since she is hogging the bed. Anyways - I woke up at about 3 am last night & could barely get off the couch. I  literally had to roll off & crawl to get up. I limped over & grabbed the Excedrin & by morning felt a bit better. Though not one for pain - I do like that sore feeling after working out. It reminds me that I actually did something that my body is not used to but likes. 

We went to the outlets today with the in-laws. Had a great time. I needed new jeans but as usual was not in the mood to try any on. To my surprise - I went down 2 jean sizes!!! I am so happy! All this running is starting to pay off - though I  still see my huge ass as being just that - huge. Guess I need more mileage. 

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