Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exhausted but glad I ran

I worked the night shift last night. Not my favorite shift in the world - it really drains the life out of you. And I mean that literally. There are studies out there that show that people who work night shift have shorter life spans & more health problems. It takes me forever to equilibrate.

But anyways - after work I decide to hit the gym up. I was to go yesterday but didn't due to some hardcore Christmas decorating. The drive home was almost an hour & I ran for 45 minutes at a nice slow pace. I was so tired I really didn't want to push myself & then I did some strength training - okay I did 3 lousy upper body machines & the ab machine. I did it though. And I really do feel good. My legs are a bit sore but a kind of healthy sore. Which reminds me - gotto check buckeye out for hte BGOR vs.BBOR challenge. Gosh I hope we are winning!

Then I came home & crammed the family in the minivan for the trip to Target and then I had a hair appt. Wow - that was an expensive cut. I thought I'd be frugal & go on the "discount" day. Needless to say - you need to ask for a stylist who offers that price. $42 for a cut!! Crazy!! Though I do like it.....

Now I am making tacos. Who knew my 6 year old w ould devour 5 the last time I made them. My 19 yr. old was not pleased condidering this is her favorite meal. So I made a double batch just in case.

Well I am off to sweep up the dog hair that has been accumulating in my house. It's like the wild west here - tumbleweeds & all :}

Have a great one!!

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