Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few days in the hospital

Well, Sarah & I (my youngest) are spending a few day in Children's Hospital of Philly (awesome place btw) for testing. She has Wolf-Hirshhorn Syndrome, a genetic disorder, in which about 50% of those affected with it have seizures. She was in the unlucky 50% column. Sarah was to have a 24 hour video EEG but it has turned into a 48 hour EEG. The test is to monitor her brainwaves if & when she has a seizure. Needless to say, she is a team player & has given them 13 seizures to choose from. They have started her on new meds & unfortunately they will not kick in for a week or two until they are at therapeutic levels. But as always, she's so pleasant about everything. Not irritable or crabby. She really is such a little angel.

They have her head all wrapped up to protect the leads on her head. She looks like either she's had major head trauma or she's a new character in the Star Trek series. You decide.

More updates as they are available.

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