Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dinner from the garden...

Tomatoes are in full swing now. The cherry tomatoes are ripening so quickly that we are giving them away. My neighbors are very happy about this. On my own this evening so I must whip up what I harvested from the garden. Tons of tomatoes, beans & zucchini to work with. Weeks ago I saw a recipe which involved tomatoes & almond slivers - unable to find anywhere on the internet now. Usually I save everything in Delicious but for some reason I didn't. Going insane - so I had to wing it.

I just mixed the almonds & tomatoes - amazing. Also made onions with green beans then some sesame parmesan zucchini. It was pretty tasty!!

Now tomorrow will be eggplant!! I love summer!!

Our sunflowers are finally blooming also...... I forgot how beautiful they are.

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