Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

First it was zucchini. TONS of it. I have in my freezer 40+ 2 cup ziplock bags of shredded zucchini that I will have on hand to make bread whenever it is needed. Which, come winter, will be alot. Now we have tomatoes coming out of our ears.
See - I got real ambitious at the start of the season. I initially had started all my plants from seed but they ended up dying prior to transplant. So I went to a local nursery which had beautiful plants for super cheap prices! Like 50 cents a plant - I went crazy. Buying 14 tomatoes plants, 8 eggplant, tons of cucumber & zucchini plants. Keep in mind there are 3 people in our family. And my husband, who loves the conquest of harvesting, really doesn't eat that many veggies.

So now we have 14 tomatoes plants in our garden(s) and of course they are all ripening at once.
We have 2 gardens - our lower garden has the majority of tomatoes with corn, eggplant and a few zucchini plants. The upper garden only has 2 tomato plants but has the core of cucumber & zucchini plants with a bit of corn also. Our cucumbers turned out mostly yellow. Which initially bothered me since I had read that if they turned yellow they were over ripe & bitter. Turns out I had bought "Lemon" cucumbers. Very tasty!! We did try lettuce & carrots but I think the soil is too tight for them. On our porch I have 3 - 18 gallon bins with 2 plants each - those have tons of green tomatoes a present time - but of course they will ripen all at once. I am looking at canning recipes for them since we will not be able to eat of all them. Next... beans. We have it least 6 pole bean plants climbing up different parts of our deck. What was I thinking!!

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