Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3

I had a ll good intentions on going to the gym today, taking my kettlebell class and then running maybe running a mile. Didn't happen. I happened upon a massive headache & wussed out. I still not up to full throttle but hoping that it will come about soon.
Burpees - 40
Yoga pose - High lunge
Plank - 2:08.8
calf raises - 50
wall squat - 1:12.7
crunches with 10# wt. - 25

pushup app - 20
I really dislike the yoga pose part of my routine only for the fact I look absolutely awful. Even though I have lost close to 56 lbs. - I still see how overweight I really am. Makes me sad that I got this way. Hoping tomorrow will be a more productive day.

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