Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Another week has gone by and I finally seem to be caught up on my meal planning. I admit that what I don't have a plan my day seems to go to hell. While I try to keep to the list, sometimes we do change the days up. But that's ok since I have all need in my pantry/freezer for making that meal. Plus it makes me feel rebel-ish if I do it once in awhile.

Monday: Ribs with sweet potato fries and braised cabbage

Tuesday: Pasta with meatballs

Wednesday: Ham and potatoes. 

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner. I am looking to make some delish coconut pancakes!!

Friday: Take out pizza

Saturday: Grilled cheese with soup

I was planning on making my own ribs sauce for Monday nights meal, but the fam wasn't too crazy about the last one I made. So I just bought a bottle which has no artificial colors or flavoring and tried to keep as clean as I could. The recipe itself comes from the cookbook Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook. . It's a great recipe as you place the ribs in a brine overnight, then dry rub prior to cooking. Amazing!! The braised cabbage recipe if from Nom Nom Paleo. It will be my first try at it so I will update on results!. The meatballs are also not homemade this week as I bought a bag for a swim team event and had a bunch leftover. I need to get them out of the freezer!! The ham on Wednesday is mainly for my daughter, most likely I will need to make hubby a burger as he is not a ham person. Actually he was to be out of town for business but they cancelled the meeting!! YAY!! :) 

Now as for desserts and snacks I plan on making lots of banana muffins this week. I have about 4 bunches of bananas in my freezer that seriously need to go. They are stashed in the doors, on every single shelf and much to hubby;s dismay in the ice cube maker bin. SO baking will be a priority this week. I will add some chocolate chips to them to make my girl happy. Freeze most of them for a future bake sale our neighborhood will be planning to raise money for a family whose son was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Sad story all around. 

Happy Cooking this week!!

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