Friday, November 30, 2012

Foodie PenPal Reveal Day

I was so loving this months goodie box!! My penpal was Melissa from Runs with Needles. Oh my goodness - such great stuff!!!

Where to begin. The Baked Nut Chips I think were my favorite. I have always wanted to buy these babies but never did. It always seems we have an over abundance of snacks at the time, so I always pass on them. Well - no more. these things are so good and gluten free!!! :)

I absolutely love the nut and cranberry mix. I keep these in my car for a quick snack when we are running about doing errands, swim practice etc. Nice and handy and very tasty!!

I am a tea drinker through and through so I was very happy to get the Stash Chai mix. I normally do not drink decaf but was glad to have some on hand when I was up entirely too late one night. The great taste of my beloved chai without worrying about being up all night.

The fruit snacks were wonderful, another thing I do not often buy. Why I am not sure - I guess they do not seem to appealing when I am shopping. And when I shop I am usually hungry - I know... a taboo. But after tasting these fruit strips - YUM!! They are on my grocery snack list!!

Last but not least is the salsa. We have not tried this yet but will be soon. We have a freaking Costco size salsa that we are trying to get through at the moment. (Not a future buy by the way - great price but too much refrigerator space!!!) So I am really looking forward to trying this!!

Please stop by Melissa's blog and check her out!! Also stop by and join the Foodie Penpal project. It is so fun and you get to meet some wonderful people!!

The Lean Green Bean

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